Pita Asli

Our incredible baker Arik has mastered the art of baking pita over many years. His bakery Pita Asli knocks out next-level soft fluffy pita using a well-guarded method passed down through generations. His bread would not be out of place in the markets of Tel Aviv, no-one else in London can produce such epic pita.
Borough Market Sourced Vegetables

Teds Veg

At Ted’s Veg, farming is in their blood. They’ve been farming now for at least four generations and started off our farming roots supplying to wholesale markets up and down the country.  )ur team of chefs hand select the best that the market has to offer on a daily basis and work closely with the Ted’s Veg team to make sure we have the freshest and best quality ingredients in the market.
Plant-based compostable food packaging


Vegware is a manufacturer and visionary brand, the global specialist in plant-based compostable foodservice packaging.

People love the look and feel of Vegware’s premium eco materials, as well as being part of a sustainable, circular economy.

A globally recognised brand, Vegware supplies independent cafes through to the world’s largest contract caterers and distributors.  

Vegware established its Headquarters in Edinburgh in 2006, and has operational bases in Huntington Beach, Sydney and Hong Kong, with distribution throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Vegware – good for your food, good for the environment.
Russel supplies the best quality fish to some of the fish retailers in Borough Market. Andy from Shellseekers in Borough Market introduced us to Russel to help us source the authentic fish used by Avi for the tagine recipe.
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We we are working very hard to confirm an opening date for Erev at Borough Market for our summer 2021 residency, some planning issues have stalled our opening but we are hoping to get this resolved with an exciting new location within Borough Market in the next week or so.

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