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We we are working very hard to confirm an opening date for Erev at Borough Market for our summer 2021 residency, some planning issues have stalled our opening but we are hoping to get this resolved with an exciting new location within Borough Market in the next week or so.

Please sign up for our newsletter so that we can keep you posted with opening details and booking information.

Thank you so much for your support. Big love Team Shuk.


(street market)
translation from Hebrew
Shuk is a market stall inspired by childhood memories of family, pita, spices & tahini.

We have worked tirelessly to re-create those memories with recipes that taste incredible, stir our emotions, and remind us of those noisy meals shared with love.

We couldn’t do it without some key ingredients….

Our baker Arik knocks out next-level soft fluffy pita using a well-guarded method passed down through generations.

Our friend Omer relentlessly travels the middle east sourcing the most killer tahini, freshly ground spices, date honey & amba.

And we actually can’t take full credit…our lamb meatball recipe is ‘chucked together’ by Mark’s wife Limor on a weekly basis and our incredible fish tagine is a regular feature on the Friday night dinner table of her father Avi.

Yalla! Come and taste, we can’t wait to share our love.