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We we are working very hard to confirm an opening date for Erev at Borough Market for our summer 2021 residency, some planning issues have stalled our opening but we are hoping to get this resolved with an exciting new location within Borough Market in the next week or so.

Please sign up for our newsletter so that we can keep you posted with opening details and booking information.

Thank you so much for your support. Big love Team Shuk.
Open Thursday – Friday 6.45pm – 10.00pm and on Saturday from 6.45pm - 11.00pm. Can’t wait to see you there!
Shuk is a market stall inspired by childhood memories of family, pita, spices & tahini.

We have worked tirelessly to re-create those memories with recipes that taste incredible, stir our emotions, and remind us of those noisy meals shared with love.

Shuk Nights is our new Borough Market summer residency. We are introducing our epic hummus platters alongside our classic pitas made using the very best hand selected ingredients from Borough Market.
Soft Slushies
Iced lemon 5

Iced coffee 5
Hard Slushies
Lemon & mint slushie (with Arak or vodka) 9.5

Iced espresso martini (with kahlua & vodka) 9.5
Brisket Nuggets – spiced beef brisket nuggets, smoky mayo & pickled red onion 3.5

Sweet Potato – slow roast sweet potato, chilli yoghurt, coriander, radish & spring onion 2.5
Pita Sandwich Plate
(served with shuk mixed pickles)
Slow cooked beef brisket, smokey mayo, Red Leicester, baby gem & pickled red onions 12.5

Spiced lamb meatballs, pickled red cabbage, coriander, mint & chilli yoghurt 12.5

Chicken shawarma, garlic toum, pickled cucumber, tomato & sauerkraut 12.5

Sabich - roasted aubergine, eggs, tomato, pickled cucumber, schug, harissa oil, amba tahini 11.5
Shuk Market Platters
Spiced lamb meatballs - hummus, tahini, pickled red cabbage, chilli yoghurt, herb salad,green chilli, harissa oil & steamed pita 14.5

Roasted chicken shawarma - hummus, pickled cucumber, tomatoes, garlic toum,, baby gem,sauerkraut, green chilli, harissa oil & steamed pita 14.5

Tel Aviv spiced beef brisket - hummus, pickled red onion, smoky mayo, baby gem, greenchilli, harissa oil & steamed pita 14.5

Slow cooked fish tagine – hummus, harissa spice, chickpeas, pickled cucumbers, ambatahini, herb salad, dill & steamed pita 15.5

Sabich – hummus, roasted aubergine, torn eggs, pickled cucumber, tomatoes, amba tahini,shuk salad, harissa oil, green chilli & steamed pita 13.5
Brisket Nuggets – spiced beef brisket nuggets, smoky mayo & pickled red onion 4.5

Shuk salad – daily changing salad with produce from Borough Market 6.5